Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Team

This is a picture of my team, The Kampung Ledang. the name might sound a lil bit cheesy for some people, but do not be deceive by it. we have reach 3 on 3 championship once to many time. it is weird when we actually never had training before the game but able to grab the champion title at that particular time. It was 2007 and that was our year of fame and glamour in paintball. few might want to deny it but the gold medal that we received proves it all
my team consisted from the most modest and humble paintball players but yet we can pull out killer maneuvers and superb flanking technique in the field every time. we are very focus and determine yet those characteristic didnt show and it is hard for the opponent team to figure us out. we only wear t-shirt and really acting dumb and silly to other opponents so that they can never judge us. we want our enemy to be unprepared because it is hard to fight an opponent who know who you are and fully prepare for you.
as you can see, all of us doesn't look like a semi-pro players. but we did kick ass during tournament. there are many opponent team came to our tent and try to teach us few lame paintball trick, don't you think that we already knew?. Thanks to our first generation uitm team the Manawave for teaching us the very core basic of paintball, from there on we catching up our skill and trick in paintball but still keep our basic tight.

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